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— About Me

I help people get unstuck and thrive!

Imagine waking up each morning to a life where your work doesn’t just pay the bills but deeply fulfills you, fueling your soul and dreams. 

Does this sounds like a fantasy? It’s your potential reality and it’s closer than you think!

When I started coaching, I found it remarkably easy to see in others the strengths they couldn’t see in themselves. But let me back up a little bit…

After years of being unhappy myself and looking for ways to stop my own self-sabotage, I set out to develop a framework to throw myself a lifeline. Since I’m an ENFJ Personality Type, it culminated in my book Best ENFJ Ever. 

In it, I use part of my framework to help ENFJs find more meaning in life, match them up with careers that fit with their strengths and interests, and are aligned with their motivations.

But it doesn’t work just for ENFJs, it works for every personality type, and it may just help you finally, get UNSTUCK. 

Chris Fox

Chris Fox, Entrepreneur and Breakthrough Coach

— About The Book

Best ENFJ Ever

The Secret Action Plan for ENFJs!

Do you feel unfulfilled, stuck, and confused? You’re not alone. Many ENFJs have the passion, talents, and people skills to lead happy, successful lives but struggle to see a rewarding path forward or find it too difficult to choose from the many options. It doesn’t have to be that way!

This practical guidebook, will show you how to identify and leverage your strengths, stay true to your core values, and discover which motivations (appreciation, fame, making a difference, etc.) fuel you to thrive in work and life. When you find that sweet spot, perfectly attuned to your ENFJ personality, you’ll see your life dramatically transform for the better.

Inside, you’ll also find an unparalleled collection of more than 200 ENFJ-compatible careers each meticulously rated in compatibility and organized into themes.

BEST ENFJ EVER is your essential handbook for prosperity, fulfillment, and more happiness in life!

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