Best ENFJ Ever (Ebook/Kindle)

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Best ENFJ Ever (Ebook/Kindle)


The essential guidebook for every stuck ENFJ

Do you feel unfulfilled, stuck, and confused? Like you’re just going through the motions and not making any difference? You’re not alone. Many ENFJs have the passion, talents, and people skills to lead happy, successful lives but struggle to see a rewarding path forward or find it too difficult to choose from the many options. It doesn’t have to be that way!

ENFJ insider Chris Fox created a proven system to get unstuck, turn your life around, and make a purposeful impact.

In this practical guidebook, you’ll learn how to identify and leverage your strengths, stay true to your core values, and discover which motivations (appreciation, fame, making a difference, etc.) fuel you to thrive in work and life. It’s when you find that sweet spot, perfectly attuned to your ENFJ personality, that you’ll see your life dramatically transform for the better.

Inside, you’ll also find an unparalleled collection of more than 200 ENFJ-compatible careers—ranging from helping and service roles to business and leadership, from communications and coaching to creative ventures, and even self-employment and online services—each meticulously rated in compatibility and organized into themes.

So, say goodbye to aimless searching and hello to strategic action. BEST ENFJ EVER is your essential handbook for prosperity, fulfillment, and more happiness in life!

Praise by coaching clients who received an advance copy:

  • “A practical, inspirational masterpiece.”
  • “This is a lifesaver! For years I have been doubting myself on which path to pursue. I’ve gotten to know myself better, and for the first time am more confident again about the decisions I make.”
  • “This book is the mirror I needed to see myself for who I am.”
  • “I can tell that you have poured a lot of love, time, and effort into this book. I love how quotes I have never read anywhere before, anchor perfectly what I’ve just learned, or open my mind to endless new possibilities. Thanks for this gem!”
  • “Only an ENFJ could write this!”

Ebook version.

  • EPUB/Kindle Format. Reflowable, can be used on phones and tablets.
  • Comes with reusable downloadable/printable worksheets.
  • Read the Description on this page below, to choose the best format for you.
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What’s the difference between the PDF and Ebook/Kindle Format?

  • The PDF Format resembles the format of the physical, paperback book. You can look at the whole page at once and zoom in or out. The page numbers of the PDF are the same as the page numbers in the book. With software such as Readdle Documents, you can make digital annotations on top of the PDF as if you would use pen or pencil in a regular book.
  • The Ebook/Kindle/Apple Books/EPUB Format resembles a text file with images. In your ebook reader you can choose to increase the font size, change the background color, or even change the font. This format is perfect for reading books with lots of text. It is less ideal for workbooks, because it lacks the ability to fill out forms, tick checkboxes and the likes. That’s why this format comes with a complimentary worksheets PDF file that you can print out.

Which format to choose?

  • You’re OK to wait for the physical book to arrive in the mail, and want the absolute best experience where you can annotate, get the paperback format.
  • You prefer digital books, but with the best paperback-like experience, where you can annotate, or print the book for personal use, as much as you like, get the PDF format.
  • You want to be able to customize the font size and style or background color for easy reading, get the Ebook format.

Ebook version.

  • EPUB/Kindle Format. Reflowable, can be used on phones and tablets.
  • Comes with downloadable worksheets.


  • EPUB. DRM Copy-tracking. Unique purchased ID is embedded within the EPUB file.


  • All editions contains a subliminal talisman that brings good fortune to the person who purchased the book.


  • This EPUB is for personal use only by the person who purchased the book.
  • Please support the author for the work that went into creating this book.


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